Visiting Appointments

Most prisons allow visitors to make appointments for regular visits to speed up processing and maximize your visiting time.

The Visitor Processing Appointment Scheduling System (VPASS) was introduced by CDCR in 2013 for all California prisons and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make appointments online.  VPASS is available in both English and Spanish. Appointment slots are in 15-minute increments. (A “slot” is an appointment for a single visitor. If there are two adults visiting one prisoner, that is two slots.) Visiting appointment parameters are different for each prison, so you should visit the VPASS site and check the Facility Message for your prison. These parameters include: start time, number of slots per 15 minutes, what time appointments open, how far in advance appointments can be made. For example, one prison may decide to start appointments at 8:15am, have 20 slots per 15 minutes, and appointments open 2 weeks in advance at 8:00pm on Sunday.

Please check the VPASS Facility Message for your prison for details. Appointment slots fill quickly at some prisons, so you should try to make your appointment soon after the appointment date is available. Print a copy of your appointment confirmation and bring it to your appointment.

To make an appointment using VPASS, you must register for an account.  For more information and tutorials, visit the VPASS website at  If you make an appointment, but change your plans, please cancel the appointment so the spot becomes available for others who want to visit.  If there are no appointments available when you try to make your appointment, check back frequently as the site is real-time and slots become available if appointments are cancelled.  When you visit, you should bring a copy of your email confirmation.

Appointments by Phone
VPASS only makes appointments for regular, contact visits. All visits with a prisoner restricted to non-contact visiting and all visits with a prisoner on Death Row require an appointment to visit. Those appointments are made by calling a specific visiting number at the prison during specified hours during the week. Please visit the CDCR Facilities Locator website for the telephone number to call and hours for non-contact appointments.

For regular, contact visits and since the introduction of VPASS, some prisons do not allow phone appointments. However, some prisons still do. These appointments are intended for those visitors who do not have internet access or cannot make an online appointment. Please call your prison if you wish to make a visiting appointment by phone for regular visits. The dates/times for appointments will vary by prison.

Walk-ups (Non-appointments)
If you do not have an appointment, you can still visit a prisoner.  Processing for non-appointments begins after all appointments have been called or in between appointments, if time allows.  Each prison does walk-ups differently. Some prisons issue a number when the car passes through the security gate. Other prisons issue numbers to visitors from the Visitor Processing Center. Visitors must remain outside the Visitor Processing Center until called by a Visiting Staff member. Some prisons will not process any walk-ups after a certain time.

Email appointments are no longer used at the prisons.  VPASS has replaced email appointments.