During the visit

When you enter the visiting room, you may be assigned a seat by the officer.  Some prisons have assigned seating and some do not.  Check with the visiting staff if you have any questions. Visitors and inmates with wheelchairs may receive special seating.  If you have a disability which affects your seating, please speak with the officer in the visiting room.

Each prisoner and visitor is responsible for their conduct during visits.  Violation of laws, whether or not on CDCR property, and/or CDCR policies or regulations, may result in restrictions, suspension, denial, revocation of visiting privileges, and/or arrest.

An inmate and their visitor may briefly embrace and kiss at the beginning and end of each visit. Except for holding hands, no other body contact is permitted except as specified below:

  • An inmate may hold his or her minor children. Inmates may also hold minor children accompanied by an adult.
  • Nursing mothers shall be discreet and covered when breast feeding their child in the visiting room. Failure to do so shall result in termination of visiting for that day.
  • Minors shall remain under the constant control and supervision of the accompanying adult.
  • Visitors shall not leave the designated visiting area except at the conclusion of the visit.

Excessive Contact
“An inmate and their visitor may briefly embrace and kiss at the beginning and end of each visit.  Except for holding hands, no other body contact is permitted.”  Take this seriously!  Your visits can and will be terminated, suspended, or revoked for failure to follow these rules.  Staff do not have to warn you before terminating your visit.  Often you will receive a verbal warning, but it is not required.  If your visit is terminated or suspended for excessive contact, the visiting staff will prepare a SOMS Termination of Visit Form and give it to you when you leave. The Warden will review the suspension and may impose additional penalties.

Food for Purchase
Each prison has vending machines for visitors and inmates to purchase food and beverages.  Additionally, there are microwaves that can be used to heat purchased food.  You may not bring in any food, nor take any food out of visiting when you leave.  Vending machines contain prepared items such as tacos, hot wings, burgers, chips, candy, cereal, yogurt, and desserts.  There are also beverage vending machines containing soft drinks, energy drinks, juice, and water. Some visiting rooms have a frozen foods machine where ice cream treats and other frozen items may be purchased.  Some visiting rooms have coffee machines as well.

Visiting Room Photos
Photo coupons (ducats) that were purchased by the visitor or the prisoner can be used in the visiting room.  Usually, an announcement will be made in the visiting room when the porters are taking photographs.  You will form a line and the porter will take your photo ducat.  There may be a background for photographs where you and your Loved One will stand.  The porter will take your digital photograph and you can inspect it.  If you are satisfied with the photo, you will return to your table and the porter will deliver your photograph after it is printed.  Photographs may be inspected by the officers.  Photos will not be returned if there is a suspicion that there are gang signs, etc., in the photo.  Photos will also not be returned if there is any inappropriate touching in the photo.  When you leave your visit, either the visitor or the prisoner may take the photo with them.  It’s recommended that the visitor take the photograph, scan it, and print a copy for the inmate in case it gets lost or destroyed.