Valley Fever Screening for all Inmates in California

 Next Monday all inmates in state prison, other than females, condemned, and inmates which high-risk medical issues, will receive a skin test to determine whether or not the inmate has been exposed (tests positive) for Cocci/Valley Fever.  This test will be voluntary.  Based on the results of this test, it will be determined whether or not inmates will be eligible/ineligible to be housed at Avenal State Prison (ASP) or Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP).  Those inmates who test positive (who have been exposed to Valley Fever) will be eligible to be housed at ASP or PVSP as long as there is no other restriction or exclusion from being housed there.  Inmate who test negative (who have NOT been exposed to Valley Fever) will not be allowed to be housed at ASP or PVSP under ANY circumstances.  Inmates at those two prisons who test negative will be moved to another prison. 

This new skin test was recently developed and has been approved for use by the federal Center for Disease Control. 

Attached is printed educational material in English and Spanish that is being provided to the inmate population.   In addition, videos were produced in English and Spanish that will be shown statewide during this week.