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Prop 57 – Revised Regulations and Public Comment

On November 29th, CDCR released the revised Prop 57 regulations for Public comments. The Public comment period is 15 days.

To read the Revised Regulations, click HERE
To read CDCR’s Response to Frequent Public Comments, click HERE
To read FAQ’s about Prop 57, click HERE
To read Credit Earning Opportunities FAQ with Prop 57, click HERE
To read Non-violent Parole Process FAQ in Prop 57, click HERE

Send your comments to:

Timothy M. Lockwood, Associate Director
CDCR Regulation and Policy Management Branch
P.O. Box 942883 Sacramento, CA 94283-0001
By fax: (916) 324-6075
By email: CDCR-Prop57-Comments@cdcr.ca.gov


Prop 57 – Time is running out!


UPDATED!!!  Sample letters were updated to correct some errors. Please download samples again!

The Public Comment period for Prop 57 changes is over on September 1st, 2017 at 5:00pm. Your help is needed to make sure CDCR knows how important it is to make changes to the Prop 57 regulations!

SIFC has tried to make it easy for you to provide feedback. Attached are the names and addresses of your Senators and Assembly Members, sample letters to each, and a sample letter to the Office of Administrative Law who receives all the public comment.

It is vitally important that you are heard! Your Loved Ones are depending on you. Please send in your comments today!

Prop_57_2017-2018 Assembly Roster

Prop_57_2017-2018 Senator Roster