First Out of State IFC at La Palma, Arizona

A family member recently contacted SIFC with interest in getting an IFC established at Out-of-State facility La Palma. SIFC, CDCR and Warden Keeton reached out to the interested family member and together they were able to form the new IFC.

If you would like to contact the La Palma IFC, you may reach out through the Contact IFC page or by emailing

Welcome, La Palma IFC!!!

VPASS Workgroup with CDCR 4/28/2017

On 4/28/2017, SIFC met with CDCR for the second meeting of the VPASS workgroup. The purpose of the VPASS Workgroup is to work cooperatively with CDCR and family councils to improve VPASS and visitor processing procedures throughout the state at all institutions.  There is a VPASS update coming in June with some enhancements to VPASS. Some of your screens will look a little different. Please read the notes for more details. Click HERE to read the meeting notes.