Receiving Phone Calls

Once a GTL account has been established and funded the inmate can call the number on the account.  On your phone, you will see an incoming call from 713-568-6986.  This is a Houston, TX, area code, not California.  All calls are routed through GTL to this originating number.  When answering the phone, you will hear a recorded message and your Loved One will identify him/herself.  You will have to press 5 to accept the charges on the call.  During the call, you may be interrupted with a reminder message that the call is being recorded.  All calls are limited to 15 minutes in duration.  When you have 60- and 30-seconds remaining, a recording will let you know.

Each prison has its own phone procedures and times. Many have sign-up sheets in the building. The number of phone calls an inmate is allowed per day is based upon privilege group. Each prison also has specific hours when the phones are turned on and an inmate can call. The phones are always turned off at night and during lockdowns or restricted programming.

The only phones an inmate is allowed to make calls on are the phones provided by the prison. No inmate is allowed to possess or use a cell phone.  It is a chargeable offense if an inmate is caught with a cell phone in their possession.