Reporting to the Parole Officer

Generally a parolee will have to report to the local Parole Office within one (1) business day after release.  A Parole Agent will be dispatched to the parolee’s place of residence without prior notice to make an inspection.  Thereafter, the Agent will meet with the parolee each month, and will generally require that the parolee provide a urine specimen for a drug test.  During this period of parole, the parolee will be checked on periodically to assure they are working or attending school.  The parolee is not allowed to travel more than 50 miles from home without prior permission.  Additionally, there will be a written set of other parole conditions imposed for the duration of the time on parole.  If there is ever any question about whether or not the parolee is violating the terms of their parole, they should contact their parole officer.