Going Home

The day has come and your Loved One is coming home!

Dress Out Clothing
You may send clothing to the prison for the inmate to wear once released.  You may order this clothing through one of the quarterly package vendors or you may send in clothing.  This clothing should arrive at the prison 30 days before the release date and be clearly marked as DRESS OUT CLOTHING on the outside of the box.  The clothing that you send should include 1 full set of clothing: one pair of pants/shorts, one shirt, one set of underwear, one pair of socks, one pair of shoes/boots/flipflops, a jacket, if necessary.  Do not send articles such as wallets/IDs/credit cards/etc.  Only send clothing! Check with the individual prison for the mailing address for dressout clothing.

Picking up your Loved One
Upon arrival at the prison, check with the guard at the gate for instructions.  If there is no guard, proceed to the Visitor Processing Building and check in with the Correctional Officer to confirm the individual you are picking up is being released.  Upon confirmation, they will give you additional instructions on where to wait and what time your inmate will be released.  Plan for delays – you do not want to be late picking up your Loved One.

Parolees who do not have someone there to pick them up are put in a prison van and taken to the nearest Greyhound bus station, or to the Amtrack train station. The cost of transportation is taken out of their $200 release money. If they don’t have $200 (because they’ve been in for less than 6 months), the prison is REQUIRED to make sure they have a bus ticket to the county that they were jailed at. This is to protect the county where the prison is located from having indigent ex-inmates wandering the streets.

Gate Money
Inmates released from state prison are given $200 in cash in gate money.  This money is intended to get them back to the county where they were arrested and must now report to their parole officer.  If an inmate has been in the state prison system for less than 6 months, he will not qualify for the $200 release money, according to Title 15. He will receive $1.10 per day, up to $200, for the time he was inside.