What Can be Mailed

In addition to a letter, there are other items that can be mailed to an inmate:

  1. Photographs, 8″ x 10″ maximum size (no Polaroids or sticky backed photos)
  2. Calendars (not to exceed 12” x 24” when unfolded, maximum dimension)
  3. Blank greeting cards (no 3-dimensional attachments or stamps attached), 6″ x 9″ maximum size
  4. Postage embossed envelopes, maximum of forty (40)
  5. Blank envelopes (up to 40), 10″ x 15″ maximum size
  6. Writing paper/tablets (white or yellow lined only – no cotton paper) (250 sheets of loose lined paper only, no cardboard backing, and no metal or plastic spiral binding)
  7. Typing paper (up to 40 sheets; no cotton paper)
  8. Legal paper; to include colored paper required by the court (no cotton paper/no metal binding or cardboard
  9. Children’s drawings
  10. Forty (40) postage stamps (Personalized postage stamps will not be accepted)
  11. Newspaper clippings, internet downloaded articles, photo copies of clippings/articles or electronic mail (e-mail)

The following are disallowed or unauthorized items.  The list includes (but is not limited to):

  1. No photos depicting gang signs, weapons, drugs, or nudity.
  2. No obscene photos or material, this includes, but is not limited to, material containing sexually explicit images, defined as images that depict frontal nudity, whether in the form of personal photographs, drawings, magazines or any other pictorial format. No tattoo patterns or gang logos.
  3. No musical greeting cards
  4. No glitter or stickers
  5. No glued, plastic, metal, or laminated items
  6. No cancelled checks, or copies of checks or money orders
  7. No factory or handmade jewelry, clothing or food items
  8. No construction (cotton paper) or tracing paper
  9. No lipstick, hair, or any unknown substance (body fluids). No letters with perfume, powder, lipstick or oil stains, on the envelope or its contents
  10. No mail or item unable to be searched without destroying contents.