Locating an Inmate

All inmates in the California prison system are tracked in a program on the CDCR website.  The Inmate Locator allows a friend or family member to search for their Loved One by name or CDCR #.  To locate where an inmate is housed within CDCR you can go to the following link and agree to the terms and conditions. http://inmatelocator.cdcr.ca.gov/. You can search by inmate number or you can search by last name. If you are searching by last name, you can narrow your search down by also entering a name in the ”First Name” or ”Middle Name” field. You can also enter a partial name to search (example: ”Smi” will return ”Smith”).  Once you have located the inmate you wish to write, be sure to write down the Inmate Number. You will need this to send your Loved One mail. To find the institution address, click on the name of the institution, and it will bring up details regarding this specific institution, including the Inmate Mailing Address for their specific institution.

This search will only return adult inmates currently in a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) institutions. Please note that information for inmates recently admitted into or transferred between prisons may not be available for several days. If you cannot find an inmate, contact the Department’s Identification Unit at 916-445-6713.