Title 15 and the DOM

Title 15
Title 15 is a part of the California Code of Regulations entitled Crime Prevention and Corrections. Division 3 contains the Rules and Regulations of Adult Institutions, Programs, and Parole Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It is about 275 pages containing 21 Articles including Visiting, Mail, behavior, discipline, food, etc. Basically it contains information on everything that goes on inside a California prison.  It is updated periodically and a new published version is printed each year.  The easiest way is by going on line to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/. Once online there is a place to search in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Type in Title 15 and a selection of locations will pop up. You can select Department Rules, Pending Changes to Department Rules, or Recently Adopted Department Rules. It is easy and gives the latest information.

It’s important for family members and the general public to know what the rules are. You do not want to make any mistakes in communication, visiting, or mailing. The primary goal of the prison is “Safety and Security.” Something quite innocent to the average person may be a very dangerous thing in prison. Title 15 is the rule book to follow.

The DOM is the Department Operating Manual and is also available on the CDCR web site. This shows how the Title 15 is implemented at every facility. For example it takes the Title 15 rule for visiting and decides when it begins and ends or what time and days lawyers can visit clients. It is over 900 pages in length and is also updated periodically through the year.  It is published once per year, just like Title 15.  The DOM must follow the Title 15 and can’t be in conflict with it.