Quarterly Packages/Special Purchases

Quarterly Packages
Most prisoners are allowed quarterly packages and special purchase packages. There are several vendor companies that have been approved, and who have a list of approved items that may be sent in. There are certain limits on what you can send in.  Be sure you check with your prisoner to see what s/he is allowed.

The quarters go from:

  1. January 1 through March 31 (1st Quarter).
  2. April 1 through June 30 (2nd Quarter).
  3. July 1 through September 30 (3rd Quarter).
  4. October 1 through December 31 (4th Quarter).

WARNING: If you order a package from a vendor, and it is not RECEIVED at the prison by the last day of the Quarter, it will be counted as the next Quarter’s package! This is especially important to remember on Caesar Chavez Day (April 1st), which is a State holiday. If it falls on the last postal day of the 1st Quarter, and even though the Post Office is open, the prison is staffed by State employees — and the mail room is not open that day!!!

Special Packages
Special packages are ordered from the same approved vendor list.  Special packages are electronic items such as televisions, cd players, typewriters, etc. that can be ordered outside a quarterly package due to the heavy weight of these items.  You may order a special package at any time and as many times per quarter as you choose.  Just remember that most special packages contain items which are registered to an inmate.  For example, an prisoner can only have one television, so if you order a television one month, then order a second television the next month, the prisoner will have to turn in the first television in order to receive the second.  Restrictions apply on what can be ordered.  If ordering online, the websites will not allow you to order something if it is not approved for a special package.  Call the vendor if you have any questions.

Religious Packages
Religious packages are special items that can be ordered for religious practices.  This includes items such as kufi caps, yamikas, prayer rugs, etc.  A prisoner may order one religious package per quarter.  Call the vendor if you have any questions.  Religious packages will be sent to the Chaplain or to Receiving and Release (R&R).

Approved Vendors
Quarterly packages and special packages must be sent from a vendor approved by the CDCR.  Below is the approved vendor list as of 2014.

Company Name Contact Information
Absolute Value Pack www.absolutevaluepack.com/
60 Ridge Rd., Suite B
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Ph: (209) 267-8189
Email: admin@absolutevaluepack.com
Access Securepak www.californiaqp.com
P. O. Box 50028
Sparks, NV  89435-0028
Ph: (800) 546-6283
Golden State Care Packages www.GoldenStateCP.com
212 E. Rowland Street #424
Covina, California 91723
Ph: (866) 387-9030
FAX: (888) 757-8701
JPAY www.offers.jpay.com/ereader
12864 Biscayne Blvd Suite 243
Miami, FL 33181
Ph: (800)574-5729
Just Right Packages www.JustRightPackages.com
11251 Sierra Ave., Suite 2E-747
Fontana, California 92337
Ph: (855) 750-7547
Mikes Better Shoes www.mikesbettershoes.com
1256 Haddonfield -Berlin Rd
Voorhees, NJ  08043
Ph: (856) 767-1300
Music by Mail www.musicbymail.net
129 31st Street
Brooklyn, NY  11232
Ph: (800) 989-8100
or: (718) 369-6982
Union Supply Direct www.CaliforniaInmatePackage.com
Dept. 100, P.O. Box 9018
Rancho Dominguez, CA  90224-9018
Ph: (866) 404-8989
The Vitamin Outlet Fitness Systems Mfg. Corp.
P.O. Box 2073
Sinking Spring, PA  19608
(800) 967-1827 (main phone line)
(800) 822-9995 (alternate phone line)
Walkenhorst’s www.walkenhorsts.com
540 Technology Way
Napa CA 94558
Ph: (800) 660-9255
FAX (707) 261-4020
Email: info@walkenhorsts.com