You may send books to your Loved One!  Book shipments are NOT considered Quarterly Packages or Special Purchases. There is no limit per quarter on book shipments; the only restriction is that prisoners may have no more than 10 books in their possession at any one time. If your Loved One can read 10 books a week, then you may send in 10 books a week! Of course, Receiving and Release (R&R) may be backed up, so be careful about sending too often.

All books must be sent directly from a book distributor. Do NOT mail books from home.  All books must be paperback.  If you send in a hardcover book, the cover will be removed before the inmate is allowed to take the book.  Note: a Bible or Quran is counted as 1 (one) book in your inmate’s possession.  School textbooks and coursework texts are sent in under different rules. Please check with the Education Department if you have questions about sending coursework materials.

Most families use Amazon or Barnes & Noble, which are both reliable book vendors. Books are delivered to R&R.  The prisoner will be allowed to go to R&R, where s/he will be able to pick up the books and trade in old ones. These old books must be donated or sent home at the inmate’s expense. Most prisoners donate their books to the library.  To ship books or magazines, use the inmate’s regular mailing address.

Prisoners are allowed to have subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.  These are distributed through regular mail.  As with books, magazines and newspapers must be sent from the publisher.  The same address used for correspondence is used for magazines.