Allowed Property

Personal Property
Prisoners are allowed to possess personal items such as extra clothing, hygiene products, electronics, and food.  These items may be purchased through quarterly packages, special packages, or through the Inmate Canteen.  What a prisoner can have depends on their privilege group. If a prisoner is put into Administrative Segregation or other disciplinary status, their personal items may be taken away, either temporarily or permanently.

There are limits on what a prisoner is allowed to have. Limits are partly due to space restrictions in the cells or dorms. CDCR has listed all the items a prisoner is allowed to have in the Authorized Personal Property Schedule (APPS) which is Appendix A in the Department Operations Manual (DOM). Appendix A – APPS

Religious Property
In addition to the APPS, there is a separate Religious Personal Property Matrix (RPPM) which lists what religious items a prisoner may possess. A prisoner may have any or all of the items listed in this matrix. Religious items can be purchased from quarterly package vendors or through special purchase using approved religious vendors.  This Matrix can be found in Appendix B of the DOM. Appendix B – RPPM