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Sending Checks Through the Mail

In July 2017, CDCR’s Trust Accounting offices across the state began returning negotiable instruments (checks) that did not contain sender’s name and address on them.  This was due to a change in regulations. To view the regulation, click HERE. When this was implemented, inmates were notified. The number of checks that are being returned is averaging around 259 per month statewide (see attached).  Items are returned after the inmate is notified and is allowed 30 days to have the sender claim them.  Most items are properly identified when the sender calls and then funds are posted to the inmate’s account.

To avoid delays and returned checks, please be sure to put the sender’s name and address on the check.

How do I find my Loved One in a California prison?

The Statewide IFC website receives many, many inquiries from families asking for assistance to find their incarcerated Loved One who they have lost contact with. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) maintains a website called the Inmate Locator. This website contains information for every inmate housed within the California prison system. The website is updated on a daily basis. You may search for your Loved One by name or by using their CDCR Number. Once you find your Loved One, you can click on their name and there will be information on their eligible release or parole date, if available.

Once you have located your Loved One on the website, write down their CDCR Number. This number must be written on any letters or correspondence you send to your Loved One. Then click Here for more information on how to find the correct cell/unit where your Loved One is located. You will have to call the prison to get the exact cell/unit.

For more information about the Inmate Locator, CDCR has posted an FAQ on their website. Inmate Locator FAQ

Prop 57 – Time is running out!


UPDATED!!!  Sample letters were updated to correct some errors. Please download samples again!

The Public Comment period for Prop 57 changes is over on September 1st, 2017 at 5:00pm. Your help is needed to make sure CDCR knows how important it is to make changes to the Prop 57 regulations!

SIFC has tried to make it easy for you to provide feedback. Attached are the names and addresses of your Senators and Assembly Members, sample letters to each, and a sample letter to the Office of Administrative Law who receives all the public comment.

It is vitally important that you are heard! Your Loved Ones are depending on you. Please send in your comments today!

Prop_57_2017-2018 Assembly Roster

Prop_57_2017-2018 Senator Roster






First Out of State IFC at La Palma, Arizona

A family member recently contacted SIFC with interest in getting an IFC established at Out-of-State facility La Palma. SIFC, CDCR and Warden Keeton reached out to the interested family member and together they were able to form the new IFC.

If you would like to contact the La Palma IFC, you may reach out through the Contact IFC page or by emailing

Welcome, La Palma IFC!!!