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Save the date!!! SIFC is having another training session!!!

When: October 21-22, 2016
Where: Vacaville, CA

Come listen, participate and learn!
An Effective and Powerful Local IFC’s is what you want!
Learn how to empower your Local IFC to make things happen.
Are you new and want to learn how to make things happen?
Are you a veteran and want to know what more you can do?
We have something for everyone.
PLUS- listen to top headquarters officials talk about new practices and answer your questions.

See attached registration flyer, agenda and maps for the location.  SIFC Fall Training Agenda (Vacaville)  Registration Form

We look forward to seeing you!

Coming to Woodland Hills in January…IFC Workshop

The initial 2015 workshop for all interested IFC members and applicants is getting filled out.

♦ Sara Malone, the Chief Ombudsman, the committed to be there.
♦ Jay Virbel, Associate Director for female facilities, and visiting issues, including VPASS, has committed to be there.
♦ Panels, for each of the topics, including both Statewide & institutional IFC members, are preparing materials for your edification.

Changes are happening with SIFC:
♦ Another new member has been added from among the institutional IFC membership.
♦ Advisory membership is being expanded to get more voices, more expertise and more “results” for Statewide.

Be informed, Be involved, Be an influence for change!

Click HERE for the Workshop Registration Form

Local IFC Survey

Recently, the Statewide IFC sent out a survey to the local IFC contacts on record with CDCR.  The responses have been mixed, however, it has allowed the SIFC to obtain a list of contacts for the active IFC’s.  If your IFC has not received a survey from the SIFC, please contact the SIFC at

Here are the results of the survey: Local IFC Survey