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IWF Funds for Prisons

IFC’s – please read this information and follow up with your Warden. 

Section 2786 of the Penal Code was amended under Senate Bill 542 to include IFCs, MACs and WACs in the decisions made each year for allotted expenditures of the IWF (Inmate Welfare Fund).  The Department of Finance has forwarded lists to each prison/warden with the dollar amount of their prison is eligible under the formula for distribution for this year’s items available to purchase.  Click Here for the distribution amounts. The IFCs/MACs/WACs are stakeholders in the process.  If you haven’t already put this on your IFC agenda, it would be good to contact your prison’s administration and add it to the agenda, requesting to be provided with this years budget for your prison and the items your institution can consider for purchase.

The SIFC is encouraging IFC’s to ask your prison’s administration when the MACs and WACs were asked to review the items to make sure they were included.  Some institutions may have more than one committee.  For example, San Quentin has a MAC and EBAC (for the the Condemned Row – which has a separate visit room).  They should all be included in the process.

Here is the excerpt for Section 2 (5006) requiring this to be a collaborative effort:  [The entire language is included below]

(2) The warden of each institution, in collaboration with at least two representatives from local or state advocacy groups for inmates and two members of either the men’s or women’s advisory council or similar group within each institution, shall meet at least biannually to determine how the money in the fund shall be used to benefit the inmates of the respective institution. It is the intent of the Legislature that the funds only be expended on services other than those that the department is required to provide to inmates.

Local IFC Survey

Recently, the Statewide IFC sent out a survey to the local IFC contacts on record with CDCR.  The responses have been mixed, however, it has allowed the SIFC to obtain a list of contacts for the active IFC’s.  If your IFC has not received a survey from the SIFC, please contact the SIFC at

Here are the results of the survey: Local IFC Survey