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Welcome to the California Statewide Inmate Family Council website! This site is used to share information with local IFC’s across the state, as well as families and friends of Incarcerated Loved Ones throughout the state.

Proposition 57 – Pubic Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016

Families and friends of anyone incarcerated in California should be aware of a very important ballot measure on the November, 2016, ballot.  This measure may impact your Loved One’s sentence.

From the Secretary of State’s website:

Allows parole consideration for persons convicted of nonviolent felonies upon completion of full prison term for primary offense, as defined. Authorizes Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to award sentence credits for rehabilitation, good behavior, or educational achievements. Requires Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to adopt regulations to implement new parole and sentence credit provisions and certify they enhance public safety. Provides juvenile court judges shall make determination, upon prosecutor motion, whether juveniles age 14 and older should be prosecuted and sentenced as adults. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Net state savings that could range from the tens of millions of dollars to the low hundreds of millions of dollars annually primarily due to a reduction in the prison population from additional paroles granted and credits earned. Net county costs that could range from the millions to tens of millions of dollars annually, declining to a few million dollars after initial implementation of the measure. 

New Vendor for Electronic Funds Transfers to Inmate Trust Accounts

A new vendor, Fieldware, LLC, operating as FeeService, was approved by CDCR on December 15, 2015. The difference between this service and existing ones (JPay and Access SecureDeposit) is that along with phone and online transfers they also offer walk up cash service at Ace Cash Express and select 7-Eleven stores.  Click here for English / Spanish information.

FeeService Facts

  1. New EFT vendor for CDCR – Fieldware LLC, operating as FeeService.
  2. They will provide another option to send in personal funds to CDCR inmates that can be used for Trust, Restitution and or Temporary Community Leave. Account set up is required.
  3. They offer online services at www.california.feeservice.com.
  4. They offer phone service at (866) 779-0736.
  5. They offer walk up cash locations at 7-Eleven and Ace Cash Express Locations.
  6. Fee Service will go live Dec 15th 2015.